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Thursday, May 1st, 2008...1:08 am

#31: Parenting Coaches


The Best Parent Ever realizes that every precious sapling has within it a demon seed; a progeny that defies even their fine-tuned sense of domestic engineering.  That’s why some say “it takes a village to raise a child.”  Unless you’re the Best Parent Ever, in which case you say: “I’m hiring Parenting Coach!”

And why not?  Parenting Coaches are expensive, fashionable, and they clearly announce the superior qualities of one’s breeding abilities even more than that $1,000 stroller that just casually ran over your foot at the farmer’s market.

The rest of the procreating world may be asking friends and family — even Yahoo Groups — for help with childrearing challenges.  But this does nothing for the Best Parent Ever, other than shine a dim, energy-saving lightbulb on how they are almost just like everybody else.  And that just won’t do — not when the Best Parent Ever can spend a substantial sum of money subcontracting their nurturing duties to a complete stranger.

So take that, grandma and grandpa!  Your childcare suggestions are useless unless you can sell yourself as a highly-paid professional.  But don’t worry — “parenting coach” is a vague enough job title, like life coach, consultant, executive producer, or even vice president. Who knows what those people really do?  The Best Parent Ever does: a parenting coach is someone who proves, once again, that they are sooooo much better than you. (And by the way? Their “coach” soooo told them to tell you that).

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  • Wow I did not know there is such a thing as a parenting coach. I have seen a program on it a little while back but do they really exist?


  • The Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) is grateful for media and Internet coverage which has brought attention to our non-profit organization. However, this coverage typically ‘scratches the surface’ of the parent coaching profession and all that it offers to parents. Parenting is the most important role of all. We all go through some type of challenge while raising kids. That’s a given! But parenting issues are varied. The reasons moms and dads seek out PCI parent coaching for their most important role are also varied. The PCI sets the highest standards in the new parent coaching profession. PCI Certified Parent Coaches® can provide relevant information and ongoing support lasting months or more for a broad spectrum of situations that do not require therapy or counseling. We are especially proud of our grant-funded work. Please log onto http://www.thepci.org to get the full picture of what PCI Certified Parent Coaching® is all about. Thank you.


    Outreach Coordinator
    Parent Coaching Institute

  • Ummmm….Sharon, did you not realize that the entry was making fun of your organization and others like it? Just kind of wondering…….

  • Wow Sharon, really? REALLY??? That takes some serious balls to advertise like that on this site, and for that I salute you. But whatever happened to family and friends? Being 15, I am (hopefully) far from being a parent but even I have the sense to determine that this is a load of crap. I think homo sapiens (that’s the scientific name for most humans living today) have been reproducing for some 200,000 years. I suppose they had Parenting Coaches back then too, eh?

  • Dear BPE: Parent coaches are not for you. Duh. You’re already the Best Parent Ever. What in the hell would you need a coach for? You have all the answers already, and aren’t afraid to tell us all about it. You’re already Better than the rest of us, remember?

    The rest of us, on the other hand, who are not the Best Parents Ever, and who were not raised by the Best Parents Ever, could use a little education in the parenting department that comes from a source other than the parenting we got, for crying out loud. Unlike the $1000 stroller, hiring a parent coach is the smart thing to do when you figure out that your precious sapling is, in fact, the demon seed.

  • What can i do if my 17 yr old came at me in a malicious manner and hit me? she then stared to hit the wall and made some holes with her fist? please help. I feel i have to defend myself against my own kid.