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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008...7:01 pm

#22: “Homemade” Baby Food


The Best Parent Ever is better than you because they feed their children fresh, organic, home-made baby food. Does this mean they are spending hours in front of a food processor mashing peas and summer squash? Duhhh…Is this called Hardest Working Parent Ever? No, it’s called Best Parent Ever. And when the Best Parent Ever only wants the very best for their child, they hire someone else to do it.

In fact, an entire industry of “take out” baby food has sprung up recently in such prominent Best Parent Ever locales as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and even New York. Instead of buying from a giant corporation that puts baby food in a jar, the Best White Parent Ever can now buy it from small mom and pop businesses that, well, put baby food in a jar. But at three times the price — so it must be best!

Yes, large companies like Gerber and Earth’s Best have had certified organic baby food lines for years. But those who market to the Best Parent Ever are well aware of their resistance to mass-produced commodities of any kind. After all, how can one truly stand out amongst the crowd of wannabes at Mommy and Me if you’re merely shoveling — gasp! — Beech Nut into little Zoe’s mouth? ANY parent can do that. But only the Best Parent Ever can say their child first tried the “Baby Tex Mex” mush at the baby food tasting room of Homemade Baby.

So take that, Gerber Baby, with your feeble attempts to call your new line of chicken and rice mush “organic.” The Best Parent Ever has just ordered free-range chicken and risotto from the organic baby take-out place. It’s also mush, but it’s three times the price. And that’s why the Best Parent Ever is better than you!

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  • I make my own baby-food, but precisely because of what you’ve written here. I can buy organic (or not organic-gasp!-or frozen-gasp!gasp!-vegetables and fruits at the store, cook them, mash them, and freeze them for a minute fraction of the cost of even buying regular baby-food, much less the expensive “organic”-no-vegetables-were-harmed-in-the-making-of-this brand.

  • So its safe to say the poorest parent ever cannot be the best parent ever…

    is that what I am understanding?

  • When I become a parent in a few years down the line, I will most definitely be feeding my babies organic homemade foods. I might have to grow my own garden too! :-)


  • You have to be successful to be the best parent ever,


  • clarabella and platenuts, you don’t have to feed your child homemade baby food to be the best parent ever – you feed them “homemade” baby food.

  • Wow, you’re so out whited me that I can’t even see the speck on the horizon.

  • Are you people seriously reading and believing you need to do all of the above to be a good parent? i guess all of your parents were horrible parents since you ate food from (gasp) baby jars!

  • Anyone know the meaning of irony?

  • i just mash up whatever we ar e having for my baby, unless its something overly processed theni dont (i do love my salt laden junk sometimes 😀 😀 )

  • This is hilarious! My mom did make my baby food, but she didn’t do it because regular baby food is ‘bad’ for you. She did it because she couldn’t afford to buy it(and maybe she was too lazy to go to the grocery store, lol).

  • Yeah, what a previous commentor said.
    I’ve made homemade food for my youngest two children, but not to be better than anyone else. I do it because I refuse to pay 60 freaking cents a jar for that crap they sell in the store. Besides, how do I know what all is IN the jar that I’m dropping hubby’s hard earned money on. When you have as many kids as I do, and they all could eat at least 2 jars of baby food at a sitting once they get bigger, it doesn’t make sense to BUY the stuff. Not when You can get about a week and a half worth of applesauce out of 4-5 good sized apples.

    It’s like paying for Tuna casserole at Red Lobster. What’s the frigging point?

  • Actually, the TRUE Best Parent Ever uses Baby-led Weaning. And, of course, only gives their baby organic avocado, sweet potato, etc.

  • I was so poor with the first baby. When it came time to feed him real food, I bought a few organic carrots, sweet potatoes and peas, and ONE organic chicken breast.

    Steamed or nuked, thrown int0 the mini-food processor (a gift) and ta-da, best poor mom ever!

  • To each his own, but I do get tired of some ppl turning their nose up at me because I have never made baby food. My parenting philosphy is… if it worked for my grandmother, it will work for me.