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Thursday, April 2nd, 2009...5:25 pm

#57: Vaccines


The Best Parent Ever is better than you because they have more money. Oh, yeah. And their kids are not vaccinated.

A recent study in the Los Angeles Times demonstrated what most of us have suspected all along: shunning vaccinations is a rich person thing. The study found dramatic increases in children entering Kindergarten without their shots (as high as 86 percent at one charter school). But the unvaccinated are concentrated at the highest-priced private schools, and public charter schools in the state’s most affluent areas.

The non-vaccinated child is fast becoming the Best Parent Ever’s new elitist status symbol. Are their legitimate risks to getting your child vaccinated? Yes, of course, there are, but they are only for the rest of you poor slobs. Today’s Marie Antoinette simply cries out from her castle walls (in Brentwood): “Let them eat MMR vaccines!”

So take that, peasants and middle class suckas! The Best Parent Ever has every possible financial and social advantage over you, and now they can claim a non-vaccinated medical one as well. That is, until a measles outbreak wipes them all out at their charter school. Whoops! Score one for evolution. And the well-vaccinated non-BPE suckas of this world.

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  • response to mtlchick25
    April 3rd, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    It’s like the blogger said when talking about circumcisions. If you want to start a raging, flaming debate at any “mommy-and-me” place then all you need to do is bring up vaccines or circumcisions.

  • Dude….vaccines have lovely ingredients. Like formalin (which is formaldehyde), aluminum (a heavy metal that is very, very bad for brain cells, even in adults), ammonium sulphate, MSG, and human diploid cells, which are taken from aborted human fetuses. Yummy! Who wouldn’t want to inject vial after vial of heavy metals and toxins into their newborn?

    Give me a freaking break and educate yourself. We don’t have much money. We are by no means rich people. But we are educated. We read, we think for ourselves….and we made the informed decision not to vaccinate our kids. Not because it’s trendy – here in Canada, it is NOT trendy – but because we don’t want to put that crap in our children. Guess what? They are incredibly healthy kids. They have awesome immune systems. They don’t get sick often, and generally when they do they recover quickly. Just like vaccinated kids. Oh and we are not a threat to society – if your children are vaccinated, then they have nothing to worry about. Right?

  • Re DANA:

    Her manner may not be as nice as all of you would like, but most of her info is very sound. You just don’t like what she has to say because it contradicts everything we all were taught growing up. But she’s mostly right.

  • VC

    GeekMom happens to work at a university dealing with a mumps outbreak. Would you be willing to take your kids there? Would you risk deafness and infertility? Its one thing to rely on the herd immunity provided by those of us who do vax, it’s totally another to put your theory about the practicality of vax’ing to the test, no?

  • And all I’m saying is just talk to a doctor or nurse who has seen a formerly healthy child DIE from one of these so called “harmless” diseases. Yep, there have been kids that DIED from the chickenpox. D.I.E.D. No, it doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. People even die from the flu. And we’re not talking about many of the more eradicated diseases. The chances of my child having serious complications from a disease that s/he could have been vaccinated against are higher than the possible complications of a vaccine. Okay, so maybe they wouldn’t die from the disease but going blind or deaf isn’t so bad, right? Talk to people who come to the US from 3rd world countries and have access to vax for the first time. They laugh at the non-vaxers because they have seen what these diseases can do FO’ REAL.

    And what about all that press that showed that the doctor who started the anti-vax movement was a complete fraud??? Totally crap study that made every parent worry about the MMR vaccine and every other vax.

  • To V the Canadian
    April 19th, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    Vaccines have nothing to do with how frequently your kids get sick or how long it takes them to recover from a sickness. Vaccines aren’t a generic immune system builder.

    If your unvaccinated child contracts measles and comes in contact with MY unvaccinated newborn/infant (because, if you had educated yourself fully you’d know that this particular vaccine isn’t given until 12 months old or after, (typically) then I ABSOLUTELY have something to worry about. See how that works?

    There is absolutely a threat to society. What do you think would happen if the bulk of the population of the US stopped vaccinating? How would you feel if your child contracted measles and then passed it on to an unvaccinated newborn and that newborn DIED as a result?

    Don’t worry, I won’t hold my breath for an answer. Clearly it’s only YOUR child(ren) you’re concerned about.

  • Go ahead – don’t vaccinate. That’s like not wearing a seatbelt because occasionally there’s a person who would have survived a particular wreck if he’d been beltless.
    This just goes to show, once again, what a bunch of dolts live in California.

  • You are crazy if you think vaccines are made from aborted fetuses. C-R-A-Z-Y.

  • wow-I’m so glad I happened upon this thread… reminded me that I need to go get my TB test checked out tomorrow and get my flu/Hep B vaccines…this week…

    I’m a healthcare worker in a nursing home…getting Hep B is a possibility and if I get the flu, I’d be a danger to the residents. They recommend we get all these vax’s because, well, they work.

    Vaccines work, and my kids are vaccinated. I feel it’s my duty, to protect those in our society who *can’t* be vaccinated, or who would not survive these diseases.

    I have a friend with an autistic child. She vaccinated her kids and hasn’t regretted it. I asked her what she thought of vaccines/autism, and she said if she had to pinpoint the “cause” of the autism, it would be the febrile seizures her daughter had at 5-6 weeks of age for unknown reasons (prior to any vaccines). Not the vaccine… she’s done her research and this is the conclusion she’s come to.

    I live in CO where there are several pockets of non-vaxers. Guess where whooping cough & measles breaks out? Yup-those pockets.

  • Ladyinred said: “There is a social construct amongst BPE’s where refusal to trust any sort of conventional authority is seen as being both free thinking and self empowered.”

    Exactly. But they don’t recognize that instead they are trusting the advice of kooks and conspiracists.

    DG said: “LiR, Actually the drop in the rate of polio and dip[h]theria (as with many other diseases) has more to do with the improvement of basic sanitation in post industrial society.”

    Huh? Improvement of basic sanitation caused a dramatic INCREASE in paralytic polio! It’s what made it become the scourge it was in the early 20th century and caused brilliant minds to develop vaccines to eliminate the virus from the western hemisphere! See: http://www.cloudnet.com/~edrbsass/poliodefinition.htm

    Dana said: “If you want to avoid Asthma, it’s best to steer clear of the FluMist because it causes asthma – states it right on the package insert!”

    Huh? FluMist does not cause asthma, a chronic condition marked by recurrent bronchospasm. It can trigger an asthma attack in people who already HAVE asthma. Everyone knows you don’t take FluMist if you have asthma. You just take the shot instead. But FluMist will not GIVE you asthma. Maybe you read the package insert, but did you understand it?

    Dana said: “When you discuss the ORIGINAL polio vaccine – are you suggesting that the same vaccine from the 1700’s was the one they stopped using in the US as recent as the early 2000’s? You need a history lesson! Probably quite a few history lessons!”

    Oh the irony. Apparently as Dana lectures us about history lessons she needs some herself. I’d be fascinated to learn there was a polio vaccine from the 1700’s.